Township Vegetable Tunnel Project

Township Vegetable Tunnel Project

The rising unemployment figure coupled with the continuous increase of oil and food prices creates an environment for getting back to basics. This results in us utilizing what we have at our disposal to provide for the basic food needs of our immediate families as well as the local communities.

Spoudazo Enterprises has implemented a model for the growth of vegetables in Phase 7 located in Mangaung in the heart of the Free State. This involves setting up vegetable tunnels for individual households in addition to offering training and mentoring for a period of 6 – 12 months. The focus of this project is not only to ensure food security for these households but to establish an economic system within their communities. Spoudazo is in the process of equipping them with the necessary vegetable growing skills that will aid them in earning an income, not only from the selling of their crops but also by sharing in the responsibilities of the setup and mentoring process of other tunnels in their communities.

Raubex (Pty) Ltd has partnered with this project in Phase 7, Mangaung, Free State.



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