Spoudazo Enterprises

Building the bridge
between business
and community

Spoudazo (spoo-dad-zoe)

To be eager; To exert oneself;
To give diligently;
To make haste; To be zealous;
To see a need and promptly act on it.


Sometimes leadership is planting trees
under whose shade you'll never sit. It
may not happen fully till after I'm
gone. But I know that the steps we're
taking are the right steps.
~ Jennifer Granholm

Latest News

Festive Season

Looking back at 2020, it seems all a bit unreal and unbelievable. Yet, the consequences that came with a tiny virus were very real, effecting lives of people all across the globe. We need each other – that is the fundamental truth that stands tall after a year like 2020.  We are not created to be isolated; we ar ...

Message of Hope

2020 forced everyone to look differently at what we have in our hands to work with. Therefore, a new cover for the Message of Hope project was designed. The message has always been so relevant, today more than ever, people not only need to hear the truth, but is in desperate need of the blessed hope! The project i ...

Die Lighuis Heidedal

In our effort to reach out to other role-players in the community who also support the needs of the vulnerable amongst us, Spoudazo included Die Lighuis Heidedal in the township vegetable tunnel project by setting up a tunnel for them during November 2020. Die Lighuis is a non-profit, Christian oriented organisati ...

Beudene Daycare for Disabled

On the 18th of March 2020 Beudene closed down for 6 months due to the Covid-19 virus.  When they opened their doors in September, the number of learners who came back to school gradually increased, but a number of parents decided to wait until 2021 to send their loved ones back to school. However, on Friday 27 Nove ...