Beudene Daycare for disabled

Beudene Daycare for Disabled

Beudene logoBeudene is a daycare for people with all kinds of disabilities and all ages which are situated in 5 Ray Champion Road, Rayton, Bloemfontein. Beudene celebrates this year its 18th birthday and care for 40 – 65 people with disabilities on a daily basis. The disabilities range from slightly intellectually impaired to severe, Cerebral Palsy, Autism and multiple disabilities.

Their service is to provide a loving, safe and stimulating care Centre for individuals with disabilities and their families. They strive to develop independent and appropriate social behavior and integration. The aim is to develop well balanced and happy disabled individuals who will be participating members of the broader community.

Beudene is also providing a specialized care to children with Autism. Today one out of 50 children is born on the Autistic spectrum (Ten years ago it was 1 out of 5000!).

Beudene does not receive any governmental support and is solely dependent on the day-care fees, private donations and volunteers to support this labor of love. Beudene is not a registered entity that can provide the necessary B-BBEE documentation. However, Spoudazo Enterprises, a registered PBO, has been looking out for us since 2004. Beudene falls within their focus areas and Spoudazo is able to provide you with the necessary documentation for the required tax- and B-BBEE benefits. Beudene falls part of Spoudazo’s Social Development projects and is verified by auditors on an annual basis.  Spoudazo Enterprise will issue the necessary annual Article 18A receipts or SED Letters for any contributions made.

Focus on Autism at Beudene Daycare:

Thanks to Vodacom Change the World Programme , Beudene is able to provide specialized care for learners with Autism as Cindy van Zyl, an educational therapist has given up her daily job for a year to help make a difference in the lives of the learners with Autism at Beudene.  Through this initiative Vodacom aims to mobilize skilled South African individuals to work for a non-profit organisation (NPO) of their choice for a year and get paid a salary.

The goals with Cindy’s involvement at Beudene are:

  • To work with the Autistic learners on a one on one basis:
  • Developing their self-help skills related to health and safety, etc.;
  • Developing their educational knowledge in collaboration with schools, parents, and therapists;
  • Finding and using their sensory and learning needs to encourage them to feel more focused and less anxious;
  • Incorporating technology to assist in communication as well as to generalize lessons in all other learning areas.

Beudene is always in need of all kinds support.  Volunteers, food, cleaning materials, services and funding to support the work at Beudene have helped them to provide this labor or love for the past 18 years.


Donations towards Beudene:

  • Spoudazo Enterprises
  • Standard Bank
  • Brandwag: 055534
  • Account: 240302931
  • Reference: Beudene and your contact number

Thank you for your kind support!