Message of Hope

Message of Hope

Message of Hope

2020 forced everyone to look differently at what we have in our hands to work with. Therefore, a new cover for the Message of Hope project was designed. The message has always been so relevant, today more than ever, people not only need to hear the truth, but is in desperate need of the blessed hope!

The project is about the distribution of a book called Jesus Christ is not a joke – He is your answer, your hope, your freedom and your life.   The book consists of 12 short chapters starting at “Getting back to basics and our fall to chaos “and ends with “A call to glory” in Chapter 12.  The book is now available on for less than 5 Dollars per copy.

Jesus Christ is not a joke was written by a South African author, Alet Slabbert, and was first launched in 2008. Alet passed away very suddenly and unexpectedly in 2010.  She lived her life as usual, by faith till the very end, unknowing of a brain tumour, which was diagnosed only two days prior to her death.

For the past 12 years this book was printed and distributed by receiving donations.  At no cost, the book was handed out as gifts for people to read, whether it be prisoners, youth at youth camps, etc.  It is for this reason that we continue to accept voluntary donations, to enlarge the territory of this message.  The dream is to have the book translated into multiple languages and to perhaps have an audio version recorded in the future.

You are welcome to visit the website at for more information, also to purchase your copy of the book.