What we have, is what we give

What we have, is what we give

What we have, is what we give

This newsletter is a tribute to everyone, who has not only conquered a very challenging year but also found enough courage to strengthen others in their purpose.

kind2I, my, me and mine are possessive words used to describe what we feel belong to us. Actually, much that we claim is not ours at all. In the last analysis, we can claim not what is given to us but only what we give away. There is much truth in the words:

“What I had, I saved.
What I saved, I lost.
What I gave, I have.”

Even the lyrics of the song at the end of the movie “Surf’s up”, remind us so beautifully not to give up, that we all have a reason to live and that we must not forget: we can only get what we give.

Spoudazo salutes everyone who has taken the focus off their own needs and has given from what they have and who they are, be it to family, friends, the community or to any worthy and purposeful cause whether under the umbrella of this Public Benefit Organization or not.

You’ve got a reason to live and you are making a difference!

May 2018 be a purposeful year with much focus, vision, and passion to live and to let live!

Thank you for your continued support!

For more information, visit www.spoudazo.org or email elbielouw@spoudazo.co.za


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