Township Vegetable Tunnel Project

Township Vegetable Tunnel Project

Township Vegetable Tunnel Project

Tunnel beneficiaries enjoyed the benefit of having the vegetables of the tunnels to feed their families. New beneficiaries on Project 9 were taught on record keeping, selling and usage of their crops. Six new beneficiaries were identified for the Autumn/Winter season where setup and mentorship will take place in the second term of 2017. Seedlings for all the tunnel beneficiaries on the Township Vegetable Tunnel project were ordered in February and have been collected during the first week of April.

These included a total of 7200 spinach seedlings and 9200 beetroot seedings! If one spinach seedling produces 6 – 8 bunches of spinach during a season, this means that 57 600 bunches of spinach can be reaped during the coming winter season. The total market value of this @ R7,00 per bunch calculates to R403 200!

Thank you Raubex for making this possible! Thank you also to PPP Saailinge that assisted us with the distribution of these seedlings by personalized packaging to each beneficiary! Spoudazo Enterprises will represent the Vegetable Tunnel Project as part of the Green area at the Bloem Show for the period of 27 – 29 April 2017.

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