Tjhabelang Primary School: Shaping lives to build our country’s future

Tjhabelang Primary School: Shaping lives to build our country’s future

Tjhabelang Primary School: Shaping lives to build our country’s future

tjhabelang logosTjhabelang Primary School was founded in 2007 as an independent private school. The children in this area now have an opportunity to good quality schooling.

The founders of the school believe that a child’s experiences in the first nine years of his or her life are fundamental to shaping his or her attitude and approach to education in general. Tjhabelang believes that poverty should not be an insurmountable barrier to lifelong progress and achievement and hence offers the children of Bainsvlei, a rural area to the west of Bloemfontein, with the opportunity to enjoy an above average educational experience at a fraction of the cost of similar schooling in town.

6At present Tjhabelang offers schooling to children in the first three years of formal education (Grades 1 to 3) and prepares children to enter formal schooling for three years prior (from the age of three years). Learners are transported to and from school and are provided with healthy meals every school day. School fees are highly subsidised.

Tjhabelang offers fully equipped and state-of-the art equipment deployed in modern buildings, committed teaching staff that go the extra mile to meet learners’ individual needs and small class sizes (maximum 24 learners per class). Tuition is not limited to academic concerns, but extended to include general life skills and the inculcation of healthy values as exhibited by productive citizens.


Tjhabelang’s approach has proven to be very successful; learners who move to other schools after completing Grade 3 at Tjhabelang prove to be ahead of their peers at public schools regarding academic and personal development.

The school comes from humble beginnings. They started out with one classroom, two teachers and 35 eager young minds. Now after 8 years they have a team of 16 staff members and 125 learners that currently attend Tjhabelang.


5 Tjhabelang works to create awareness and action around environmental sustainability in surrounding communities. They maintain a vegetable garden on the school grounds to generate an extra income from vegetable sales in the community, but more importantly, to prepare healthy meals for the learners.

They recently harvested the first fruit from their citrus trees. The food intake of the learners plays a significant role in their health and wellness. The school provides additional meal replacements over and above the daily meals that the children enjoy at the school. The school receives visits by The Mobile Clinic, operated by Sister Metola, on a regular basis.
All of the above mentioned is only possible due to the support and interest we receive from the public and private donations.


Apart from normal school activities Tjhabelang hosts fun events. Tjhabelang will be hosting a benefit evening on the 26th of August at Monte Bello Estate. The cost per table (seats 10 people) is R3500. The evening includes dinner, an auction as well as a performance by award winning artist, Jakkie Louw. To find out how you can get involved at Tjhabelang or for more information regarding the benefit evening contact us on 082 809 1380 or email us at



1Tjhabelang primary school in Bainsvlei is an independent organization, but Spoudazo supports their vision in whichever means possible for us.

The underprivileged children of Bainsvlei have a pathway out of poverty thanks to the ClinVet Community Development and Education Trust (CCDET).

2Tjhabelang currently has two volunteers. One who visits and focus on the empowerment and development of the parents in the community. The other young woman works with the learners, focusing on their emotional development and laying the foundation for their knowledge in the Word of God.

A previous Headmaster of Jim Fouche High School volunteers in the development of the management structure and day-to-day management tasks at the school.

In the below video clip, Tjhabelang School addresses the growing need in our community to prepare children in the rural areas for school, and also to increase the level of education for children in these areas. In the human life cycle early childhood (birth to 7 years) is considered the most important phase.


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