The best possible start to a meaning life... Breaking the poverty cycle

The best possible start to a meaning life... Breaking the poverty cycle

The best possible start to a meaning life… Breaking the poverty cycle

tjab-s (1) Tjhabelang Primary School, located in Bainsvlei, was registered as an independent school in 2007, with the goal to prepare under-privileged children for formal learning to enjoy the possibility of meaningful lives. At Tjhabelang, 75 children (ages 3-6 years) from socially and economically disadvantaged households are benefiting from excellent early childhood development (ECD) programmes, afternoon care, transport and nutritional meals on a daily basis.
Addressing the needs of children in disadvantaged communities can be quite overwhelming. The lack of nutrition, education and protection has an extremely negatively influence on the development of these disadvantaged children. Yet in a few years, the world’s challenges will be theirs to manage.

Poverty is a cycle. Behaviours of parents and role models in these poor communities are repeating in the lives of the children due to lack of adequate education. However, it is possible to break this vicious cycle if the influence of positive behavioural examples is facilitated during the early developmental years of the children, thus laying the foundation for lifelong learning.
Children who have received quality ECD are more likely to offer it to their children - this is the key to breaking the cycle of poverty. Research indicates that the early years are of critical importance in the development of children. During this time children acquire concepts, skills and attitudes that form the foundation for future school success and the possibility of being employable.
Over the past 12 years Tjhabelang has provided 920 children with the opportunity to benefit from high quality early learning programmtjab-s (3)es, while the sad truth is that in SA over a million children aged 3-5 still do not have access to ECD.
Tjhabelang is fortunate to have like-minded friends, friends who understand and who are genuinely interested in our work. We would particularly like to thank delegates from Standard Bank and Honey Attorneys who visited Tjhabelang during the month of August, engaged with our staff and children, brought gifts and made a generous financial donation to the school.

It is your contribution, however big or small, that makes it possible to inspire, change, develop minds and turn dreams into reality.

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