Spoudazo as an opportunity for B-BBEE compliance:

Spoudazo as an opportunity for B-BBEE compliance:

Spoudazo as an opportunity for B-BBEE compliance:

2015 is well underway, and for many companies their financial year end are looming. We realise that business owners and managers are extremely busy, and as such, compliance matters, like B-BBEE is often an administrative burden that is left until the last minute.

Socio-economic and Enterprise Development contributions have to be initialised and implemented (thus paid from your bank account), before the end of the financial year.  Knowing that you don’t have time to search for approved beneficiaries of Socio-economic Development programmes, we would like to remind you that Spoudazo Enterprises builds the bridge between business and community and is:

• registered as a Public Benefit Organisation (PBO number: 930037272);

• more than 75% of the beneficiaries of the projects of the organisation, is Black persons as defined in the Codes of Good Practice;

• the activities of the organisation falls within the scope of the definition of Socio-economic Development;

• the organisation is in possession of a Factual Findings Report, issued by LDSW Inc, who have verified the Socio-economic Development nature of the organisation (see attached);

• Contributions made to the organisation are tax deductible, and section 18A receipts are issued upon receipt of donations.

Our main focus areas include: providing for the poor and the needy; furthering the interests and well-being of the poor and the needy by providing them with Welfare, Humanitarian assistance, Health Care, Land and Housing, Education and Development services; benefitting previously disadvantaged individuals and/or communities who do not have access to funding, resources and education.

The Core Group with Core Bloemfontein is the respective accountants who are taking care of the financial aspects of Spoudazo Enterprises as a Public Benefit organisation and Core BEE who assists with the B-BBEE compliance matters of the organisation.

To make a difference and for more information, or to make a contribution, please contact Elbie Louw @ elbielouw@spoudazo.co.za or cell phone number: 082 331 3391.

Please have a look at our SED projects for more information on possible areas of influence or involvement.


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