Silence is golden, or is it?

Silence is golden, or is it?

Silence is golden, or is it?

4With Spoudazo working in the township areas for the last three years, we have not only observed the desperate needs of the human beings in these informal settlements.

Our dog friends cannot do anything to help themselves - and this does not go unnoticed. Most of the owners of these dogs struggle to take proper care of themselves, let alone the needs of their dog/s.

Spoudazo cannot turn a blind eye and would like to use our platform to support other organizations in our area that are already carrying the burden for these four-legged friends.

If there are any friends of Spoudazo who want to contribute towards dog food, blankets, sheltering for the dogs or veterinary services in the township areas, please contact Elbie at 082 331 3391 or


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