Resolutions vs actions

Resolutions vs actions

Resolutions vs actions

When one listens to New Year’s Resolutions, their demise often lies in their formulation. A resolution is not like a goal, and a decision is not an action. It is like the story of the five frogs sitting on the rock. One then decides to jump. How many remains?



The frog has decided to jump, it has not jumped yet. Too many people find it too difficult to bridge the gap between decision and action.

However, when you look at action orientated people, you see something completely different. They seem to have momentum. The old adage even confirms that if you want something done, you should give it to a busy person. They take it in their stride, get it done, and move on to the next action.  These action takers do not talk about what will be or can be done; they show you what has been done. To them, it is not about resolution, but about completion.

So, how does one make the shift? It is easier than you think. No matter what your dreams or ideals are, at some stage you should stop considering and start doing. Just take that first step. Do something. Don’t wait for the time when you will have the time. That time is now. There are twenty four hours per day, and you won’t be getting bonus hours soon.

When you take action, you have the benefit of small victories. A paragraph gets written, sentence by sentence, a house is built brick by brick, and a dream is achieved action by action. When you take action, the speed at which the year rushes by actually supports you. Suddenly you have been on a diet for two or three weeks, you have exercised for a month, you feel like a winner. And what happens?

Since you feel like a winner, challenges are not as daunting as they used to be. You get things done; your action frogs are disappearing off the rocks.

This year is going to be just as long or just as short as the previous few. You will have challenges and problems, and you will have victories and solutions. Therefore it is also important to remember to live, love and learn. There is the other side of the coin in terms of action taking. We often become so good at taking action that we forget to also take the actions that sustain us. Those things which are important, but not urgent. Make sure that part of your actions are to reflect, to take out the time to be quiet, to experience life and get involved, rather than rushing by. Do not get trapped into the busy-ness of business. Strike a good balance.

2014 Is in the past. 2016 Is around the corner, but also way ahead in the future. What we have in 2015 are chunks of time called days, hours, minutes and seconds. It is no use looking at the past in order to blame or find excuses. It is no use fearing the future. Most of your worries will never become reality. It is important to remember that the present is a gift. That is, after all, why we call it the present.

Open all your gifts with gratitude and high expectations. Look forward to moments and love the now.

Make sure that 2015 becomes your year of gratitude, attitude and latitude. Be grateful, be enthusiastic and do things that will take you in the direction you want to go.

Spoudazo Enterprises wishes each of you a year of more than enough, whether it is measured in time or resources to meet your needs as well as to help others!

God Bless.

Newsletter by Igno van Niekerk

Spoudazo means eager to, willing to, make haste, it sees a need and promptly acts on it.  The word covers inception, action and follow-through.


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