The Raubex group has been channeling some of their Socio Economic Development funding to the poor communities in the Mangaung area by using Spoudazo Enterprises as the platform for social investment and integration. As a group we appreciate the accountability and transparency of Spoudazo’s involvement in building this bridge between business and community.  We believe and fully support the work they do, especially on the Township Vegetable Tunnel project which will bring about viable change for the communities.  Many families now have food, better health and an income from producing and selling of the crops. We have been fortunate in witnessing how their lives are touched and changed for the best. The hand on approach that Spoudazo follows on their projects ensure its sustainability and this is something we feel is of the utmost importance.

What we really appreciate about Spoudazo is that the organization really helps people help themselves in a sustainable way. The projects that they take on are fully intended to generate income.
 Bloemcare  We at  Bloemcare are proud to be donors of Spoudazo Enterprizes. We feel priviledged to be part of an organisation that uplifts the poor and vulnerable in the greater Mangaung area.  Keep up the good work as we all work together for a beautiful and prosperous SOUTH AFRICA!
Z PR has been working with Spoudazo Enterprises Trust for a number of years, and has been a proud partner and supporter of their SED projects. Spoudazo Enterprises really does make difference in the lives of the less fortunate. They are doing an excellent job.