Opportunities in the Education Sector of South Africa

Opportunities in the Education Sector of South Africa

Opportunities in the Education Sector of South Africa

Recently South African’s Minister of Basic Education, Mrs. Angie Motshekga has emphasised the need for large scale, collaborative and substantive change to consistently provide the kinds of learning experiences across every school in South Africa for South African learners.

The University of Free State - South Campus is the very first to provide an Advanced Certificate in Teaching (ACT) 100% online programme for teachers as one means of significantly addressing long-standing educational, economic and political needs. The ACT will play an important role in improving the quality of education and in that way the quality of life of many South Africans.

According to policy by the Department of Basic Education, teachers are recognized as qualified teachers when they have obtained a REQV level 14 (matric plus 4 years) qualification. Completing the online ACT will assist many under qualified teachers in the education sector to meet the necessary requirement.

The online delivery of this programme will enable teachers to complete their studies in 18 -20 months compared to the traditional 24 months. This qualification has a specific aim to improve teachers’ knowledge and competencies towards a new subject, or strengthen their subject specialisation.

The challenge is that many of these teachers do not have the finances to advance in their teaching careers.

Spoudazo Enterprises invite private companies to share in the opportunity to improve the education sector of South Africa by supporting these prospective under-qualified teachers in buying computers/laptops to complete this online programme. The technology will only become the property of the teacher once he/she has successfully completed the online ACT programme. Spoudazo will report to investors on the progress of the students.

Kindly send an email to elbielouw@spoudazo.co.za for more information.


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