A new year offers all of us opportunities to do new things or do things in a new way. Somehow a new year also offers a dosage of renewed strength and energy. The challenge often is if one is willing to change your way of thinking and perhaps not to always believe the thoughts that so easily form as a belief in one’s mind. Eventually, if these thoughts are pondered upon long enough, the beliefs link up with one’s heart.

It is our thoughts that accumulate to become beliefs, not our words.

As I prayerfully considered the blank spaces in the 2016 year planner, I was reminded that all of us have a 100% potential to fulfil the hopes and plans pre-destined for us to do.

That causes reason for excitement for 2016! But are we prepared to let go of the old things?


Spoudazo wants to work at effectively changing the core of our Socio Economic challenges in Mangaung-area and we wish to do so not only by continuing our services and projects in the community this year, but we want to embrace new opportunities for collaboration as well, in doing so.

We want to address the very core of social issues in the community, namely family units in the Free State area. What happens within the small family unit is often reflective of society as a whole. We would like to see partnerships formed with the private- and corporate sector in facilitating a revolutionary one-on-one mentoring approach to social intervention in this area.

Spoudazo will be working alongside LifeXchange, who have developed life-changing, proven solutions for transforming individuals into becoming not only the leaders South Africa need today, but also into well-balanced healthy family members.

With this initiative we not only want to receive donations towards the core of community development in this matter, but we want to give back to you as donor in the form of training.


As donors, individuals, families or companies, you will not only benefit by receiving the normal Article 18A receipts for tax deductions or the necessary B-BBEE documentation, but you or your representative/s will also be able to attend these workshops which will be facilitated once per term.

 If you decide to channel your SED spending (socio-economic development) towards the training and equipping of the family units in our local community, we want to offer you more than the administrative documents and deductions. At R1000 SED expenditure per month, you are welcome to send one person from your family or company to each of the quarterly training sessions. At R2000 pm you can qualify to send 2 people to each of the quarterly training sessions. At R10 000 pm you can send 10 people to each of the quarterly training sessions, etc.

We also want to keep you informed about your spending towards this initiative by sending you quarterly reports on the progress of these workshops.

The training involves 2 topics, namely Personal Effectiveness and Mentorship. The following topics will be covered in 4 x 3-hour sessions:

1. Leadership Styles (Newtonian & Whiteheadian)
2. Potential
3. Why is change so difficult?
4. Visualizing (You move towards what you see)
5. Methods to change thinking patterns
6. What is happiness?
7. Motivation
8. Effective mentorship
9. Phases in the Human Development:

 Belonging (It is about trust and to feel part of a family or a group)
 Mastery (How important it is to accomplish things)
 Independence (Identity, independence and the consequences of choices)
 Generosity (Healthy, matured people give without expecting something back)



Spoudazo Enterprises is a registered public benefit organization (PBO Number: 930037272) aimed at building the bridge between business and community by using the registered PBO as the platform for this important integration by channelling the necessary services, manpower , and resources for development from the private sector to the poor and vulnerable. Spoudazo also provides the necessary skills, management, experience and passion to reach this important integration.

Core Audit in Bloemfontein is the respected auditors and Core BEE the respected advisors with regards to Spoudazo’s projects and BEE requirements.

The tax exemption has been obtained from the SAID income tax exemption unit in Hatfield, Pretoria, SA, 0028.

Spoudazo’s main focus areas include: providing for the poor and the needy; furthering the interests and well-being of the poor and the needy by providing them with Welfare, Humanitarian assistance, Health Care, Land and Housing, Education and Development services; benefiting previously disadvantaged individuals, organizations and/or communities who do not have access to funding, resources and education.

In the family, life is happening all around us, and it begs to be questioned, evaluated, interpreted, and discussed.

There is no more consistent, pregnant, dynamic forum for instruction about life than the family, because that is exactly what God designed the family to be, a learning community.

~ Paul David Trip


Spoudazo (spoo-dad-zoe) has been derived from a Greek word found in Galatians 2:10. It captures the following meanings: To be eager; To exert oneself; To give diligently; To make haste; To be zealous; To see a need and promptly act on it. In essence, Spoudazo combines thinking, acting, planning and producing. The word covers inception, action and follow-through.


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