Mission of Spoudazo Enterprises

Mission of Spoudazo Enterprises

Mission of Spoudazo Enterprises

Our desire is to serve the poor and the needy in specific areas by building the bridge between business and community and to use the registered Public Benefit Organization, Spoudazo Enterprises Trust, as the platform for abovementioned important integration.


Looking back at the year 2017 thus far, the above saying could not be truer. This is exactly how the “village”, unknowingly took care of the community and children through the structure of a Public Benefit Organisation with a B-BBEE structure.

It is my wish that each contributing company or individual could have a bird’s eye view of what enormous impact they are making by providing the less fortunate or the complete unfortunate access to care, therapy, living space, safe environment, provision of food and other daily necessities. If they could only see how they are enabling families to partake in the economy to provide for their own basic needs and to allow them to live balanced lives, whilst their loved ones are well taken care of.

We are not even taking into account how these contributors are making it possible for the less fortunate to have relationships, to experience growth personally, intellectually, socially and emotionally through attending a safe and structured environment. No money in the world could buy the peace of mind of each parent experience whose child attends a safe care facility.

I don’t think we really understand the hardships of a financially challenged family with an intellectually impaired teenager that is becoming an adult? Do we really understand what can happen when some of these children are left alone at home? The possibility that they can fall into the darkness of their own thoughts or into the traps of crime? We have many beautiful stories to share how the financial contributions of individuals and companies allow these children’s’ light to shine again by attending a loving and structured environment, where they can be freed from their own dark thoughts and the difficult circumstances of being an ‘outcast’ to the normal society.

Whether it is to take care of eighty children with various kinds of disabilities or to provide an education to the less fortunate attending a normal school, or to enable communities to provide food for their own households by means of a vegetable tunnel, it is impossible to show the real effect of each of the contributor’s generosity to these individuals.
Thank you to every individual or organisation who is part of the “village” to raise children and to keep them safe and loved in a world that is only focused on their own needs.


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