Growing in wisdom and learning from each other

Growing in wisdom and learning from each other

Growing in wisdom and learning from each other

In the past three months, Beudene Daycare has been privileged to have an influx of pre- and post-graduate nursing students. They helped in assisting and evaluating the learners at Beudene in order to develop a stimulation programme for them.

Furthermore, they also contributed in sharing and exchanging their knowledge, experience and expertise with everyone at Beudene.

The postgraduate students are nursing staff from the Psychiatric Complex in Bloemfontein and they thoroughly enjoyed working in a multi-sensory habitat such as Beudene Daycare. Some of the pre-graduate students are exchange students from Sweden.

These Swedish students enjoyed the experience working with Autistic children in particular as they do not have the opportunity to work with people on the Autistic spectrum in Sweden. The Physiology Student Association also visited Beudene a few times during this past term to interact with the learners and expose them to the world of student life.

We also had visits from CBC School and Eunice School for Mandela Day Celebrations. They treated the learners with gifts and played games with them. We are very proud to announce that one of the Down syndrome learners at Beudene, Tineke Hattingh, has been nominated as Radio Rosestad and Cell C junior sports star for people with disabilities.

She achieved her Junior Black Belt in Judo, the first Down syndrome in South Africa ever to do so! Those privileged enough to have experienced a back and neck massage by Tineke will also want to nominate her as a Massage Champion in South Africa. Her hands work magic on any tired or worn out muscles. She is indeed a lady of many talents!


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