Empowering Bloemfontein's Township Communities

Empowering Bloemfontein’s Township Communities

This week marked a milestone in our role to support food security in Bloemfontein's township communities. Thanks to 12 years of unwavering support of Raubex and our longstanding business relationship with PPP Saailinge, we were able to distribute 14,000 high-quality vegetable seedlings to families in need.

PPP Saailinge has been instrumental in this project, nurturing excellent quality seedlings that are vital for the success of the initiative. Not only do they nuture top-quality seedlings, but PPP Saailinge takes their service a step further. Each year, they meticulously count out the seedlings for each beneficiary, carefully packaging them in separate bags, and marking them with individual names. This attention to detail ensures that every family receives exactly what they need to start their own garden, tailored to their specific circumstances.

With Raubex's ongoing support, we're not just providing short-term assistance—we're laying the foundation for long-term food security in our communities. With their support, monthly mentorship visits to all beneficiaries take place to provide ongoing support and guidance.

And a big thank you for Citymed Rehabilitation Hospital for providing their support towards the rising input and transport costs this season.