Counting our Blessings…

Counting our Blessings…

Counting our Blessings…

dr sIt is with full hearts that we at Spoudazo approach the end of 2014. No sense of dread of opportunities missed; no last minute panic about one last deadline, but with a grateful backwards glance at another year of sustainable growth, of support, of WOW! Some of our WOW moments included:

• Having Pick and Pay and local restaurants purchase vegetables from our tunnel owners! We are in business! Our interactions with them gave us much food for thought and lead to the definition of our Township Vegetable Tunnel Enterprise Development plan. A mouthful indeed (minding the pun) and an exciting new chapter for this project.

• Seeing mentorship in action in Spoudazo itself, and in some of our projects, noting wonderful progress as mentees become mentors and hone their leadership skills.

And though 25 December has not even rolled around, we have received our fair share of gifts this year!

• Bicycles from the Imperial Group for Thabelang Primary School.

• Funding from Raubex for more vegetable tunnels that were setup during March and September this year.

• Funding from Geo- Hydro Technologies (Pty) Ltd that helped our star entrepreneur from the township veggie tunnel project, Mamojake Makheta, purchase two stoves, baking utensils and stock for the small bakery that she has started as part of our Enterprise Development expansions in this project.

• Having won the 2nd Prize in the Enterprise job creation challenge which has contributed to the roll out of our Enterprise Development program for 5 of our star township vegetable tunnel entrepreneurs in providing a second tunnel for vegetable growing to each of them along with further training and continuous mentorship as support to their businesses.

• The precious gift of possibility, ignited in the minds of individuals involved in Spoudazo initiatives, thanks to diligent team work and generous sponsors and donors.

As we reflect on highlights of a year that passed so quickly, we can count our blessings in many ways. But that which comes to mind as the most profound memories of 2014 is certainly the perseverance & faithfulness of our beneficiaries and role players in carrying out their responsibilities amidst their own challenges.  Secondly the continuous support from our sponsors who have been faithful for yet another year in their giving of finances, resources and time to contribute towards the labor of love in caring and providing for the vulnerable ones in this life.

When it comes to the township veggie tunnel project, I think the biggest highlight that this project has shown is that we have taught them to fish for themselves!

May each of you enjoy a time of reflection too over the holiday season, as well as a time to rest from your labor. We at Spoudazo wish you and yours every blessing, and a fruitful (or is it “veggie-ful”?) 2015!

Newsletter compiled by Kona Brown


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