Challenges Turned Into Opportunities

Challenges Turned Into Opportunities

Challenges Turned Into Opportunities

During March 2015, Spoudazo in collaboration with Raubex, was busy re-establishing 14 vegetable tunnels in the townships of Mangaung. When vegetable tunnels are setup at the homes of township beneficiaries, they are mentored for 6 – 12 months to ensure sustainability. An agreement is set in place to have the benefit of the vegetable tunnel as long as the beneficiaries work their gardens and produce crops. The general upkeep of the tunnel must also be satisfactory otherwise the tunnel is removed and being offered to another family who is eager to harvest from this opportunity. This is what Spoudzo was busy with during March, to setup 14 of these removed tunnels at the homes of new beneficiaries.

veg5veg4veg3Excitement was tangible when these tunnels were setup in the townships of Khotsong and Matlharangtlheng. Beneficiaries have to work with the Spoudazo team during setup, making of beds and planting. All the other beneficiaries in the area have to come and assist with the process. This is beneficial to gain experience in many aspects of the tunnel upkeep. When setup in an area is completed, a strong bond is established between the beneficiaries. Where they once were strangers, new friendships are formed.


veg7veg6A few of the tunnel beneficiaries utilized their tunnels during the summer season not only for their own food security but also for income opportunities. Spoudazo assisted these tunnel beneficiaries in finding a market and delivering to these markets. Many local restaurants supported these township tunnels and since December 2014 until March 2015, a total turnover of more than R20 000 was generated for the group of beneficiaries who participated in the market produce.



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