Bloemshelter is more than a home

Bloemshelter is more than a home

Bloemshelter is more than a home

bloemsh-s (1) bloemsh-s (3)Bloemshelter care for the vulnerable, homeless, abused and disabled members of our community, enabling personal livelihoods by providing housing, nutrition, counselling, training and personal development opportunities.

During the past term, Bloem shelter initiated classes to equip women on business skills. After completion of the classes, each woman receives a certificate which will better their chances for future employment.
The annual market also took place during the winter months, where self-manufactured goods were sold. The residents of the shelter utilize their own skills for woodwork, needlework, cooking, baking and jewellery-making.

The market serves as a fundraiser towards the upgrading of the house. During this term two of the residents managed to re-paint their the Bloemshelter home beautifully!

Bloem Shelter not only provides a safe environment for the vulnerable and the homeless, but equips their members to become worthy citizens contributing to the well-being of the local community.

Please visit for more info or contact Spoudazo for opportunities to get involved.


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