Beudene Daycare for Disabled

Beudene Daycare for Disabled

Beudene Daycare for Disabled

After a 6-week break, Beudene Day Care for disabled’s doors were opened in January 2020. Each year they open their doors to new learners, never anticipating the true value and influence in the lives of the new families. It is not easy to measure the impact of selfless-serving. One way to share this impact is a very heartwarming letter that Beudene received at the end of December 2019. The letter was from a thankful parent whose child attended the day-care for 11 months. We are looking forward to the countless opportunities to sow into the lives of all our day-care learners of 2020!

Letter to Cindy…

“Let me start by thanking you for coming into my daughter’s life.  It is with you that she truly blossomed and grew into her personality. She became more vibrant and happier. For that, I am eternally grateful. At the start of 2019 we found ourselves destitute, after all the plans we have made, we had nowhere to go with Sani, our autistic daughter.

Our arrival at Beudene was unplanned, yet Beulah welcomed and reassured us with so much warmth, she was a ray of sunshine.  I had my doubts, the environment felt too crowded and with too little structure. Sani had limited speech and could not express herself properly.

After a few months I saw my daughter’s personality coming alive and her vocabulary increased. I know it is because of you.

Thank you for all the attention to my baby, thank you for your efforts and investment in her and her abilities. Thank you for loving her, I am deeply and eternally grateful. We have not met, I find that funny sometimes! Cindy, may you be blessed beyond measure!

I wish we could take you with us! No words could fully capture my gratitude towards you, Cindy, Beulah, Aunty Martie (as she calls her) and the rest of the Beudene team.  You have more than proven that Beudene is truly a place between heaven and earth!

I am taking her out to see how far she can go and conquer! Thank you for all the calls, updates, messages, pictures and portfolios! Thank you for all the things I know you did for my daughter and all the million other things I did not get to see or hear about.

Cindy, for someone I have never met, you sure have made an impact in my life in a big way. God bless!
Thank you Beulah, for you and your wonderful team who raised my daughter for 11 months!”


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