The currency of giving: Beudene Daycare for Disabled

The currency of giving: Beudene Daycare for Disabled

The currency of giving: Beudene Daycare for Disabled

In today’s economic climate, where people are strapped for cash and feeling the need to hold onto everything, we at Spoudazo are witnessing true examples of people overcoming these realities.

At Beudene Day-care for Disabled, catering for every day needs can be overwhelming – especially with such a huge and vulnerable community to be accountable for. Their approach is yet always one of giving rather than receiving. Their kindness, unconditional service, readiness to give and altruistic attitude, are some of the secrets of overcoming economic challenges.

In Bloemfontein, the heart of South Africa, the life at Beudene Day-care has not gone unnoticed by international communities. Belgium annually sends representatives to help out at the day-care. Their most recent visit was during the second term when Vivato Academy sent a team of their passionate and hardworking students to Beudene. These students, aged 18 to 21 years, are all interns at the institution of Vivato, known for their practise and service orientated learning programmes.

They came to Beudene on a mission to build a sensory environment for the Autistic learners. The swimming pool (that was not utilized for a number of years now) was transformed into a “Snoezle” that serves as an escape room, so to speak.

It provides a safe environment to our more sensory sensitive learners who often feel the need to have some “me-time”. Many sensory stimulating toys and creative arts have been strategically placed in the new pay-area.

One of the Belgium students that form part of this team, has a hearing disability herself. The Belgian authorities donated 400 pounds towards a translator that was to travel with her to assist with communication during her time at Beudene.

The student, Phebe Verstraeten, decided that she would cope without the services of a translator and made her donation available as a contribution towards the completion of the “snoezle”.

Phebe demonstrated the example of giving and placing the needs of others before her own in a perfect way. Her act of love once again demonstrated that giving is an international language (or should we rather call it an international currency?).


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