A Message of Hope

Message of Hope Project focus on bringing hope to the broken-hearted, the prisoned, the captives and the hopeless by making a booked, titled “Jesus Christ is not a Joke – He is Your Answer, Your Hope, Your Freedom and Your Life” , available at no cost.  It is a timeous message for all generations.  It covers issues relevant to the current times we live in, irrespective of the age, gender, or circumstances of the reader.

The book has been kept in print for many years by individual donations. Moreover, it has been distributed to prisons, youth camps, hospitals, doctors’ consultation rooms etc. We continue to make the message available at no cost by free downloads at http://www.jesuschristisnotajoke.com

However your contribution will support the vision to reach more searching hearts with this powerful message of hope.

Contributions will be utilized towards the vision to translate the message into other languages, to have audio versions of the message available and to keep the book in print for free distribution to those with no or limited internet connectivity.

All contributions are managed by Spoudazo Enterprises Trust which are administered by the trustees and compiled yearly by Core Bloemfontein, South Africa, a member of The Core Group.

Visit http://www.jesuschristisnotajoke.com for your free download and voluntary contribution.

Thank you for your support!

“Something is wrong. We often deny it or hide it or pretend that we are doing just fine, but what about the nagging that comes from within?  What about the questions that haunt us day and night? Why does the life God promise us elude us in so many ways?”

These questions and more get answered in Jesus Christ is not a joke – He is your answer, your hope, your freedom, and your life.  In twelve chapters the author tackled different topics, each detailing her realization of what it means to have “life” because of Him and how awareness of what His sacrifice, His suffering, death and resurrection means, can dramatically change a person’s life.

Thank you for supporting the Message of Hope Project.

JC is not a joke