Growth at Beudene Daycare for Disabled

Growth at Beudene Daycare for Disabled

Growth at Beudene Daycare for Disabled

At the beginning of the year, a big need to create a structured work-environment for our young adults with stronger physical capabilities was identified.   A need for physical exercises and participation in some or other form of sport activities that are appropriate for special needs individuals developed.  These individuals are able to furthermore participate in work related activities such as carpentry and cleaning services in the community, for instance the cleaning of parking lots, streets and sidewalks.
In order to meet the needs of this specialized group of individuals for physical exercises and participation in sport or work related activities, a vacancy was created for a programme coordinator to facilitate these various activities. Lee van Zyl was appointed as coordinator and the programme was launched with much excitement in January 2018. The aim of the programme is ultimately to develop happy and well-balanced individuals with special needs. We are excited to report on some of the progress and benefits that the children and community reap from this new initiative.

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Three areas of involvement were identified in which these youngsters can contribute in a fruitful manner:

○ Carpentry and “handy man “tasks;

○ cleaning of streets & business premises and

○ sports activities.


Since they have started with the “handy man” efforts, they have successfully renovated some furniture. Furthermore, broken bicycles and equipment were also repaired or recycled into stimulating toys for autistic children.


Weekly cleaning services take place at the business premises, situated in Ella Street; Louw Wepener Street as well as Ray Champion Road in Bloemfontein.


These youngsters are getting positive feedback and participation from other businesses.  The sport activities include bocha, aerobics, boxing, walking and weight training.  They love the participation and as a result of these activities, quite a few actually have lost weight.


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