Spoudazo Enterprises

Building the bridge
between business
and community


Spoudazo (spoo-dad-zoe)

To be eager; To exert oneself;
To give diligently;
To make haste; To be zealous;
To see a need and promptly act on it.



Sometimes leadership is planting trees
under whose shade you'll never sit. It
may not happen fully till after I'm
gone. But I know that the steps we're
taking are the right steps.
~ Jennifer Granholm

Latest News

Tree planting in the township

We are grateful for the support we received from Ansunique Smit, finalist of the Miss Earth programme, who made it  possible for us to plant 20 indigenous trees at Beudene Daycare and at location of a few beneficiaries of the Vegetable Tunnel Project. The tree planting was fun and created much excitement amongst th ...