Spoudazo Enterprises

Building the bridge
between business
and community


Spoudazo (spoo-dad-zoe)

To be eager; To exert oneself;
To give diligently;
To make haste; To be zealous;
To see a need and promptly act on it.



Sometimes leadership is planting trees
under whose shade you'll never sit. It
may not happen fully till after I'm
gone. But I know that the steps we're
taking are the right steps.
~ Jennifer Granholm

Latest News

What we have, is what we give

This newsletter is a tribute to everyone, who has not only conquered a very challenging year but also found enough courage to strengthen others in their purpose. I, my, me and mine are possessive words used to describe what we feel belong to us. Actually, much that we claim is not ours at all. In the last analysis, ...

Get Real Development

Marry Motsoeneng who was one of the orphan girls who attended the Get Real Workshop during 2012 recently contacted us to share her testimony of what the Get Real Workshop meant to her. She was one of twenty orphaned girls attended the Workshop where they were taught about defining their dreams, identifying their stren ...